Jeanne C. – Montgomery, NY – 5.0 star rating – 07/05/2015

Great food, pleasant service. My cell phone was dead, and we picked this place old school style.

I had mofongo with chicken, and my boyfriend had pernil with rice and beans. We also had a side of sweet plantains. It was soooo good.

We ate in mid afternoon, and I’m typing this at 8:40, and I’m still stuffed! …. Food portions were great, the place had people in it, bill came to $30, and our waitress was really friendly. If we lived in the area, we would be regulars, hope you give it a try.


Leon G. – Milford, CT – 5.0 star rating – 04/01/2015

Updated review – They completely turned around.. they have hands down the best Oxtails in New Jersey.. I’ve called a number of times since and the delivery has been consistent.


D T. – Garfield, NJ – 3.0 star rating – 06/30/2015

Hidden/in set on summit Avenue, you can miss it. Went on a Monday afternoon and we were the only customers at the time. First time visit. The time between ordering and receiving was approx 20 min. However the wait was worth it. We had the red snapper and chicken chicharron and both were very good. I would recommend to them on the chicken to remove the grissel as it gets in the way of truly enjoying the white meat.No alcohol served and they handle a higher volume of quick take-out orders. I’d recommend having lunch and or dinner specials as they are well priced. Ambiance is more like dressed up lunchroom..casual wear. They do also deliver but make you order early as they close at 9pm for those late night snackers.


Nalz S. – Brooklyn, NY – 4.0 star rating – 02/06/2015

Good food. Everything was seasoned well and the delivery arrived on time.


Luis A. – Lodi, NJ – 4.0 star rating – 11/06/2014

Being born and raised in Puerto Rico, I am a tough critic of Boriqua food, but I like this place. They have some very tasty dishes! I always get their pernil and rice and beans. I liked going to the one on 46 but I think they are renovating it or it closed. Either way out of many spanish places this is my favorite.


Paul R. – Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – 4.0 star rating – 10/19/2014

One of my favorite spots to get chicken with rice and beans! I can not get over that chicken. I always get a nice couple pieces and the meat is so marinated it falls off the bone! I love that Puerto Rican seasoning. Then the rice and beans on the side hit the spot. They have a lot of other stuff like sandwiches and such. Haven’t tried them yet but I will update if I do.

I love the decor of the place as well. It is a very nice place to sit down and have a meal. It has a very warm atmosphere especially at night when the lighting is dimmed.

Also it says on yelp they are closed on Sundays (as well as the front door). I went today, on a Sunday, and they were open for sure. If I were you, if you crave them on a Sunday, It’s worth it to drive past and see if they are open. It is possible they are not open every Sunday but some Sundays.

Needless to say Old San Juan hits the spot for me!


Liza L. – Franklin Square, NY – 4.0 star rating – 08/29/2013

This is definitely a hidden GEM. I could see this restaurant on one of those Food/Travel shows as a Top Pick.

Pernil (roasted pork) is one of the restaurants fastest moving dish served with a side of your preference.

The shrimp mofongo (shrimp in garlic sauce over green plantains) is a close first . It’s kept very authentic as it is served in the “Pilon” which I believe adds more to the flavor.

This atmosphere is cool and friendly and the classic Latin Salsa played throughout the restaurant transports you to the “Island”.

I can see this place becoming one of my favorites and I’m sure many agree that the ample parking and the BYOB is a great perk.


Mini P. – Union City, NJ – 4.0 star rating – 08/24/2013

Delicious food. Best alcapurrias I’ve had in a long time. Yum!!! I only have this 4 stars instead of 5 because of ambiance which I don’t care about but I know some do. Not a fancy place, but food is yummy and waiter was nice and attentive. Cost for 2 people (main course, drinks & appetizer) $40 not including tip. Come on, that’s awesome!


Damaris B. – Garfield, NJ – 5.0 star rating – 02/28/2013

OMG, wonderful. One bite into my food and I already knew I’d be coming back, again and again. The mofongo with chicharon is to die for. The food was so amazing, not a word was spoken during dinner, with the exception of ordering drinks or asking each other for bites our food.

Ordered alcapurias that were fresh and so very yummy. My husband ordered breaded steak which was very full of flavor, tender and juicy. My son had a cuban sandwich, also very tasty.

The food is worth absolutely every cent they charge. They could definitely use some music, but let me tell you, the food was so good, I tuned everyone and everything OUT. Service was excellent and very friendly, met the owner who was also charming and friendly.

Can’t wait to go back!!!


Krista-Alana T. – Hackensack, NJ – 4.0 star rating – 03/23/2012

The food here is SO good! I stop in several times a month for my fix. The mofongo is out of this world. The empanadas are delicious (although I wish they were $1 like they are here in WNY, but these ARE bigger so there’s that). I try something different every time I go. You should too!

Nino R. – Hackensack, NJ – 3.0 star rating – 07/05/2011

The Mofongo w/ Chicharon is the business. Lots of garlic and pork flavor to make even the most discriminating of Latin flavor profilers happy.

Ever since Food Network debuted their show “Best Thing I Ever Ate” I’ve made it my mission to scrutinize the favorites of various Food Network personalities. Guy Fieri praised the metaphysical qualities of mofongo found at Benny’s in Miami. He went on and on about the flavor profile of the garlic, pork and plaintains. And how something so simple tasted so good.

Mofongo is now on my radar and I now have something to compare it to when I finally make my way to Benny’s.

Now back to Old San Juan.

Service is good and there is a 50-inch flat screen in the dining room tuned on the Travel Channel. Steam trays contain food that are highlighted on the lunch and dinner specials menu.

Seating is plentiful and can accommodate large groups. The several times I’ve gone, small families were eating happily. I was, however, a bit concerned that Arroz con Pollo was not available on the menu. In my opinion, the Puerto Rican version of this dish is the apex.

Arroz con Pollo.

I want it…


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